Alinco DX-SR8T & Icom AH-4 ATU = A Perfect Match!

Just a quick blog today, but I thought I’d talk about my experiences using the Icom AH-4 Antenna Tuner on an Alinco DX-SR8T.  Why would I use an Icom AH-4 on an Alinco?  Because a friend gave me one! 🙂

It is widely known / reported on the web that Alinco’s Tuner, the EDX-2, is made by Icom and is fairly similar (although reportedly cut down) to the AH-4, and can be used with various Icom radios.  As such, I figured it stood to reason that the reverse should be true!

The first barrier, and really, the only barrier, to using the AH-4 with the DX-SR8 is the fact that the Molex Modular connector that comes with the AH-4 is a 4 pin 0.92? Sized connector, whereas the Alinco uses a 5 Pin 0.62″ sized Molex.  Unfortunately, the 5 pin is rather rare, and it cost me $15 to obtain two pairs from the US, but that’s life I suppose.

Luckily, once that hurdle is overcome, it really is quite simple.  If you take the cover off the Icom AH-4 and look at the control line header, the pin outs are printed on the PCB.  It is then simply a matter of wiring up the 5 pin Molex Plug according to the Pinout given in Alinco’s EDX-2 Manual, which I have included below.  Even though the Icom is a 4 pin & the Alinco is a 5 pin, it turns out that both only use 4 wires!  The control protocol is the same / similar enough in this case.

Alinco Pinout

Click on the image above for a larger / ‘eye friendly’ version 🙂


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