Current QTH

Here are some photos of my current station. I am operating semi portable at the moment due to having recently acquired a XXYL, however, I will be setting up more permanently in the coming weeks and will get back on the air fully – currently I only have the 1/4 Resonant 20M Vertical pictured in operation.

For those interested, the 20M 1/4 Resonant was made from a Telescopic Fishing Pole (known as a ‘squid pole’ in VK). The pole was lightly sanded, and strips of 15mm wide aluminium tape was applied to the sanded sections – this allows easy portable operation as the pole can still be retracted, however small ‘jumper’ pieces of take must be applied between sections. The ground plane consists of 8 5300mm long 1.5mm stranded copper radials.

Where to buy:
5.6m Fishing Pole: eBay, $25US
Aluminium Foil Tape: eBay or Jaycar, $12
1.5mm^2 Stranded Copper Wire: $33/100m at Masters.



3 thoughts on “Current QTH

    • Sure was – I had however moved it. I’m not really sure why verticals get such a bad rep. That one cost me a whole of about $35 and I’m up to 87 DXCC entries without using contests to get entities quickly. Now that I’m in Cambodia, the first thing I did was by a nice long bit of bamboo, tape some 1.5mm wire to it and mount it atop of the 5 story apartment complex. About 5 minutes after doing this, I was already making contacts on 15 metres! I logged 31 QSOs in 2 Hours, in 21 DXCC entities. I really can’t recommend the basic vertical enough for a cash strapped Ham! That said, if you do go down the homebrew path, a nice remote auto tuner like the Icom AH-4 or SGC & LDG models make life easy – literally any 5m tall rod with a few radials will perform pretty well on 40M, 20M & 15M!


    • I’ve certainly got a bit of a love affair with Vertical antennas, especially when used with a remote antenna tuner (matching network). I have yet to come across another antenna that can be built so cheaply (if you tune it to resonance you can omit the tuner and have a monobander), yet still allow worldwide contacts with a very modest station.

      I know it isn’t perfect, but generally I’m heard better than I hear, so if I can hear them and I can work them, and that is a pretty rewarding situation for a new HAM to be in!

      So my advice to Amateur’s who are beginning to explore the world of HF is to setup a vertical. They have nice low angle radiation, and completely outperform any dipole I have ever been able to setup (there are no tall trees where I live). I’m at 87 DXCC entities with that antenna, sure, I would have more with a Yagi and Tower, but that antenna (minus the tuner) set me back $35 USD.


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