Update: 12/9/2016

I have recently learnt that Seymour, W6CCP has gone SK.  I am sure he will be missed, he had a fantastic station as well as a fantastic heart.  He loved to have regular long path chats, and would always make time for Operators wanting to talk to him.  Seymour’s station was one of the few stations I have worked from VK3 & XU7.  RIP Seymour.

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Those not familiar with the Hobby would probably ask why I enjoy using my 36 Year old Yaesu FT-101E, given its age… Then again, it talks just fine to HAMs who’ve been on the air twice as long (looking at Seymour, W6CCP).

On that note, if you’ve never spoken to Seymour, he’s about the strongest American i’ve ever heard on 20M. I’ve always wondered how he manages to avoid melting his linear, and that statement is not pertaining to its output of 1.25Kw. Lets just say I wouldn’t be surprised if it was rated at 1.5kW CONTINOUS DUTY 🙂

  • It appears Fred was confused by that previous remark.  What I meant was, Seymour can rag chew with the best of them – he is a fine conversationalist.

2 thoughts on “HAM RELATIVITY & W6CCP

  1. You guys with your low G5RV’s have a CB mentality about signal strength. Have you ever used any antenna at 70 or 100ft. Try it some day and you will soon see how irrelevant power is. How about modelling a low antenna versus a high one and see the 10 to 15 db low angle gain advantage. Stop having a CB brain dead mentality and casting dispersion’s on other hams because of your technical stupidity


    • Update 12/9/2016: My condolences Fred, we have lost a much valued member of the DX community.

      Dear Fred, I’m not sure what prompted this comment; please feel free to elaborate. My joke about continuous duty is that Seymour can hold a conversation – not that it is needed for him to get out. I know he has one heck of an antenna!

      Seymour is a fine fellow, and one of the few NA Hams I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with from both XU7 and VK3.


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