The Auto Notch Filter – A Cure for ‘Tuning On Band’ Rage!

Recently I was listening on the 40m band when a station, DX0P, was calling CQ.  Being a DXpedition, many operators were keen to work the station, and there was a bit of a pile up. Unfortunately, there was just as much poor operation as there were people keen to work DX0P.

First an foremost, the old complaint reared its head – people tuning up their equipment on frequency.  I’d like to dedicate this post to pointing out a very useful feature that many transceivers with DSP now include as standard – The Auto Notch Filter (ANF).  While often marketed by manufacturers as a solution to heterodynes etc, the real benefit of using the ANF is that it will completely remove any carriers, including the carrier generated when people decide to commit the ever so rude act of tuning up on frequency.

So I’d like to offer a suggestion:

Rather than jump in and ‘police’ other operators for tuning on frequency, and be an even worse operator by repeatedly transmitting over the top of the dx station, simply turn on the Auto Notch Filter – the offending operators carrier will be gone from your audio, and you can go back to pretending the world is perfect.

Try it – it could just save you a few valiums! 🙂


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