Hi Guys,

As many of you know, for some HAMs getting a QSO with XU7/Cambodia is quite a challenge; for others, its an every day thing. For this reason and others (mainly poor band conditions), I’ve started playing around with JT65.  I’m using the software JT65-HF, which I’ve found quite easy to use and there is a beautiful HOWTO / write up on its use by Dave Dunbar N0RQ at eHam, click on the link for more details in a new window.

However, I want to take the opportunity to cover a few of my operating preferences, with reasoning:

I don’t particularly enjoy using JT65 (Paint dries considerably faster in Cambodia, and it wastes my laptop battery more than other modes per QSO), so I’d like to make a few requests / points.  Basically, I want to make sure I help as many people have a QSO with Cambodia / XU7 as possible, so here goes:

  • If you’ve had a QSO with XU7AGA, please don’t expect me to reply to you first on JT65.
  • I will always pick DX ‘Proper’ (eg Brazil, USA) first on JT65, otherwise we might not get a QSO.

While it may seem a little unnecessary to explain this, almost 1/3 of my logged QSOs so far come from Japan.  Russia in general is a close second.  I love having QSOs with Japanese, Russian & Ukrainian HAMs, and will continue to do so as much as possible.  However, it is in everyone’s best interest that such QSOs take place via SSB and/or PSK.  Both of these modes are considerably faster, and allow us to exchange meaningful information, not just signal reports and call signs.    

Put Simply:

I’m not fond of JT65, but I’d love to help ‘DX’ DX stations get Cambodia in their log and mine, so I use it.  If you’re local and/or high powered (think Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Indonesia), please have a QSO with me on PSK or SSB. I spend almost 5 hours a day using PSK31 on the 15M Band (21070) if not more, so no one will miss out.

I understand that for some HAMs having a QSO on as many modes as possible is an important part of the hobby.  If that’s a particular interest of yours, please email me and I will make sure to let you know when I am operating on JT65, and that I make every effort to have a QSO with you regardless of your location.

The above goes for other modes as well.  If I’ve had a QSO with you on PSK31, but you’d really like a SSB contact, just let me know.  Unfortunately, an SSB contact between Cambodia and Australia on 80M for instance might be impossible, but I will do my best to work with everyone near and far alike 🙂


Jarrad Mitchell



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