MY Day Off :)

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know I’m having a day off of sorts.  While I’m still on the radio, I’m focusing on Rare DX from Cambodia; basically, what this means is I’m really only looking to have qsos with:

  • DXCC Entities not already in my log
  • DXCC Entities in my log less than 5 times

My Apologies if this seems selfish, but I’ve logged 300+ QSOs in the last few days and to be honest I’m a little tired 😉  I know this isn’t many by DXPedition standards, but bare in mind I haven’t been just exchanging ‘XU7AGA VK3HXT 599 599 73’ style reports.  My Average QSO length has been around 3 minutes, which means I’ve put in 15 hours of solid qso.

I’d love to try and reach the magic 100 DXCC entities before I leave on the 29/06/2015, so here goes 🙂


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