Photos from Koh Rong Island

Hey Guys, the IOTA team have a few issues with my QSL Card design, and may not accept it for IOTA AS-133.  I’m working with them to see if we can find some middle ground.  In the meantime, here are some pictures from Koh Rong Island in Cambodia (which is designated IOTA AS-133).

Jake the Owner of ‘Bongs’ (Cambodian for ‘brother’), who kindly let me setup out the front of his establishment and scribble all over his bar:

Jake Bongs

Myself Pretending to Operate Outside Bongs when the WX was OK but the Bands Not So Much.

Operating Outside Bongs Close

The Local Kids Enjoy the Spectacle.

Local Kids

It was Kind of Windy (The 12M Spiderbeam Pole Didn’t Care)!



3 thoughts on “Photos from Koh Rong Island

    • Hi Patrick!

      Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Wim has told me much about you, specifically that you’re a fantastic QSL Manager, who is very diligent! He has asked that I send his QSL Cards to you, as he knows your XYL is an avid stamp collector! Let her know that in a few months she will have some Australian Stamps! In fact, if she would like, I could enclose some unused / mint Australian stamps in the QSL envelope!


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