Further Confirmation: HAM Radio Currently Permitted in Turkey

Tevfik TA1HZ (part of the TC Special Wireless Activity Team TCSWAT) was kind enough to email me the following information:

“Dear OM,

as of this time there is no curfew imposed on amateur radio in Turkey. The country is now under “extraordinary circumstances law” but BTK The Communications Authority has not released any announcement about ham radio restrictions. Some local professional radio and tv stations have their licences revoked but there is no information about any restrictions for amateur radio. If I recieve any info I will share it with you. Till then 73.”

It would seem that someone is behind an elaborate hoax, and that the reports that Turkish Ham Radio operators have had their licences revoked is completely untrue.  Whilst this is good news for all, I am a little dismayed to find out that someone would take advantage of the recent unrest in Turkey by creating this hoax.



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