‘Fake News’, it doesn’t belong in Ham Radio (Yaesu FT-818).

Recently, the Ham Radio community found out through FCC Filings that the much awaited replacement to the Yaesu FT-817ND was to finally be produced, and that the model number would be the FT-818.

It was with great pleasure that I shared this news in a fun way with a link to the FCC filings on a youtube channel I am part of – Rate My Radio

However, I was very dismayed to find that within hours, the following ‘photo’ appeared on both youtube and an internet blog site, with the ‘creator’ claiming to this day that it is the “first, leaked photo” of the new FT-818.

This photo is an outright fake; a fiction of the creator’s imagination purely designed to mislead fellow Hams:


This made me both ANGRY and SAD.  

I am angry, because I personally believed Hams were better than to participate in ‘Fake News’; the radio is CLEARLY a ‘photoshop job’ featuring poor brush strokes (look at the screen) as well as buttons and knobs taken from several different radios.  Some of them are not even from Yaesu Radios (check out the right buttons such as the ‘PF A’, ‘ATT’ etc, these are from the KENWOOD TS-590SG)!

I am sad, because it was clear that my faith in the goodness and honour of the entire Ham community was clearly misplaced; as a Ham Radio content producer, I would not even dream of deliberately misleading a fellow Ham, and it made me feel sick to realise that others would just for a few ‘hits’ on their website or ‘views’ of their youtube channel.

Here is another image, clearly showing the DELIBERATE attempt at misleading the community; I have struck out the call sign of the poster as I have no desire to bring disgrace upon a fellow Ham, despite whether or not I feel they deserve it:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 1.04.53 am

So in this blog article I ask:

  • Does ‘Fake News’ have a place in Ham Radio?
  • Am I justified in feeling the way I do about such content?
  • How do we ensure that honourable content producers – those who aim to inform an educate fellow Hams – are not ‘dragged down’ by those who simply desire personal attention?
  • How do we best ensure fellow Hams are not mislead by such rubbish?

Tough questions, for sure.

73, from a very disappointed Jarrad VK3BL


2 thoughts on “‘Fake News’, it doesn’t belong in Ham Radio (Yaesu FT-818).

  1. Hi Jarrad,

    the website that posted that stuff is a really low-quality corner of the internet, full of advertising .. it even runs a cryptocurrency mining engine on visitor’s computers while they browse. I don’t think anyone is taking it seriously, but all we can do it expose wherever we see it: on Facebook groups, forums, Twitter etc.


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