XU7AGA Mentioned in ‘100 Watts’ Magazine

Mr Thossaphol Noratus HS4HNL wrote a lovely article about Ham Radio in Asia for the ‘100 watts’ magazine.  Unfortunately I can’t read it in full myself, but I can see my calls and a few other details in there!

Good job on the article Thossaphol, 73!

Plans for next XU7AGA Activation

Since returning to VK3, I have been really busy with family stuff and finding some decent employment.  However, I’m glad to announce that I’ve got most of it sorted now, and it looks like I will be returning to Cambodia in October or November 2016!

I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but it looks like it could be quite an exciting year for DX in Cambodia!

My plans for XU7AGA is to focus mainly on digital modes and ssb phone when I return, and help get as many people ATNOs as possible!

I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as plans progress,



LoTW, eQSL.cc, QRZ.com & ClubLog.org for VK3HXT & XU7AGA

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have submitted the paperwork for LoTW for both my calls – VK3HXT & XU7AGA.  Once the ARRL has approved my certificate requests, I will upload the logs and anyone using LoTW will be able to get DXCC credit for working either of my stations.

I have already submitted the full logs for both calls to eQSL.cc, QRZ.com & ClubLog.org, and continue to update both those websites as the logs expand.

I’m not currently in Cambodia operating as XU7AGA, so no new QSOs will be added, but I hope to be back there early next year to participate in the 2016 CASS Award (see clublog for details).  New QSOs for VK3HXT are added to eQSL.cc, QRZ.com & ClubLog.org about once a week.

Lastly, thanks everyone who has either QSLed me directly or used one of the aforementioned websites – it is always nice to know a QSO has been confirmed, and many times I will QSL directly to stations when I know the QSO is good.



Bureau Cards from VK3HXT or XU7AGA

If anyone wants a Bureau card from either of my calls, please use the Clublog OQRS System.  I’ve got a few printing credits on Global QSL, and am happy to send out all Bureau card requests quickly and free of charge.  Once you receive a card, it would be awesome if you could send me one back through the Bureau to VK3HXT or XU7AGA via VK3HXT.  Cheers, Jarrad

XU7AGA QSL Card Update

Note: All XU7AGA Direct/OQRS cards have been dispatched as of 06/10/2015.

Just want to let everyone who has ordered an XU7AGA QSL Card know that my cards have been dispatched by the printer so hopefully I’ll be able to send them out shortly!

My apologies for the delay – the printing has taken quite a bit longer than I expected.



Health Considerations for Backpackers & DXPeditioners

To be clear, I am not a Medical Doctor, so the following is an account of my personal experiences, the health situation in Cambodia, and precautions I’ll be taking in the future.


Whilst operating in Cambodia, especially when operating from Koh Rong Island (IOTA AS-133) I was frequently bitten by all kinds of insects, namely:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Sand flies
  • Mosquitos

While Dengue Fever has been present in Cambodia, it was not endemic while I was there, so I (nor anyone else) placed too much emphasis on protection from insect bites.  Most of the time, I wore a singlet top, shorts and flip flops.  I was bitten all over the place, and as it turned out, the local insects produced greater allergic reactions than whenever I suffer insect bites back home in Australia.

Scratching produced wounds, and the wounds became infected with various results.  Read more for the whole story and advice to prevent experiencing the same issues I did, but warned medical issues are discussed. 🙂

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