XU7AGA Mentioned in ‘100 Watts’ Magazine

Mr Thossaphol Noratus HS4HNL wrote a lovely article about Ham Radio in Asia for the ‘100 watts’ magazine.  Unfortunately I can’t read it in full myself, but I can see my calls and a few other details in there!

Good job on the article Thossaphol, 73!


XU7AGA QSL Card Update

Note: All XU7AGA Direct/OQRS cards have been dispatched as of 06/10/2015.

Just want to let everyone who has ordered an XU7AGA QSL Card know that my cards have been dispatched by the printer so hopefully I’ll be able to send them out shortly!

My apologies for the delay – the printing has taken quite a bit longer than I expected.



Health Considerations for Backpackers & DXPeditioners

To be clear, I am not a Medical Doctor, so the following is an account of my personal experiences, the health situation in Cambodia, and precautions I’ll be taking in the future.


Whilst operating in Cambodia, especially when operating from Koh Rong Island (IOTA AS-133) I was frequently bitten by all kinds of insects, namely:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Sand flies
  • Mosquitos

While Dengue Fever has been present in Cambodia, it was not endemic while I was there, so I (nor anyone else) placed too much emphasis on protection from insect bites.  Most of the time, I wore a singlet top, shorts and flip flops.  I was bitten all over the place, and as it turned out, the local insects produced greater allergic reactions than whenever I suffer insect bites back home in Australia.

Scratching produced wounds, and the wounds became infected with various results.  Read more for the whole story and advice to prevent experiencing the same issues I did, but warned medical issues are discussed. 🙂

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Revised QSL Card Design & QSO Rundown

As previously mentioned, the original QSL Card Design wasn’t compliant for the IOTA awards, so here is the new one.

Basically, if you get a QSL card with ‘Koh Rong AS-133’ ticked, it counts for IOTA.  If ‘Sihanoukville’ is ticked, it doesn’t.  All QSOs made with me between the 19/06/2015 & 21/06/2015 UTC were made from Koh Rong Island, IOTA AS-133.

In total, there were 92 IOTA QSOs. Although I would have liked more, it is wet season here and the weather was absolutely terrible.  Japanese stations collected the majority of QSOs, although even these pile-ups were frequently ended by the WX.

Honorable Mentions go out to: W6CCP, W6ZR, KH6HM, W4DJL, S52LD, UA0FDQ, SP5FCZ, YO8BGE, and Wim (XU7TZG), who managed a QSO on every band (except 160m which neither of us could tune) 😉

If you have any questions regarding whether your QSL counts for IOTA, please email me via my QRZ listed email address.

XU7AGA Back Small XU7AGA Front Small

Photos from Koh Rong Island

Hey Guys, the IOTA team have a few issues with my QSL Card design, and may not accept it for IOTA AS-133.  I’m working with them to see if we can find some middle ground.  In the meantime, here are some pictures from Koh Rong Island in Cambodia (which is designated IOTA AS-133).

Jake the Owner of ‘Bongs’ (Cambodian for ‘brother’), who kindly let me setup out the front of his establishment and scribble all over his bar:

Jake Bongs

Myself Pretending to Operate Outside Bongs when the WX was OK but the Bands Not So Much.

Operating Outside Bongs Close

The Local Kids Enjoy the Spectacle.

Local Kids

It was Kind of Windy (The 12M Spiderbeam Pole Didn’t Care)!